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EXEDY is the world leading manufacturer of drivetrain components and is committed to providing superior products, technology and customer service to the market. 

To meet the demands of amateur and professional drift, circuit, rally and drag racing, Sports Tuff combines performance with drivability.   Available for most Indian applications !!

Heavy Duty Clutch Kits - STAGE 1  

The heavy duty clutch kit comprises a heavy duty cover assembly, a premium quality bearing and an organic disc.  Perfectly suited for use in lightly tuned vehicles, the cover assemblies are tailored to improve clamp load which allows the transmission of increased engine torque to the drivetrain.


Heavy Duty Kits with Button Disc - STAGE 2

Heavy duty kits featuring a button disc are designed for performance vehicles.  Not recommended for heavy street use, this kit includes a heavy duty cover assembly, a premium quality bearing and a ceramatallic button disc.  Also known as a puck or a paddle design, the ceramatallic button facings provide the clutch system with positive grip, durable material and advanced damping mechanisms to reduce drivetrain shock.