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Piper Cams are used by the majority of champions at all levels of Motor sport. 

Lessons learnt here influence our designs in all other areas - including Fast Road.

We at N1 help you get the best deals from PIPER Cams.

We have successfully installed over 50 Fast Road cams on  SUZUKI, FORD, HONDA, MITSUBISHI, HYUNDAI,  FIAT, ISUZU, engines. 


Our coding system has been designed to enable you to make a choice without assistance.

If you do need advice, please contact us. All cam part numbers start BP

BP270 (Approx 270 ° duration) Fast road cam for use in otherwise unmodified engines

 (Approx 285 ° duration) Top fast road cam for use in hot hatch and modified road engines

BP300 (Approx 300 ° duration) First stage competition cam, ideal rally cars, short circuit where some mid range is required

BP320 Top race profiles